Climate Change

Why Do We Care

As Christians we believe that it was with great wisdom that God created the world and declared it "very good!"  We also believe that the first covenant humanity entered into with God was one in which we were directed to "till and care for" the Earth (Gen 2:15).  From the very beginning of our religious story we were commanded by the God we love to be in a mutually beneficial relationship with creation.  Yet, somewhere along the line we broke our covenant.  We began to take from the land more than we needed and we forgot that we are intimately tied to the health of all of creation.  The prophet Isaiah saw this and warned that a broken covenant with God will look like an "earth [that] lies polluted under its inhabitants" (Isa 11:6-9).


Here we are.  A people created by God, standing on a land which has been polluted in many ways by our very own actions and inactions.  98% of scientists agree not only that climate change exists, but that climate change is being caused by human activity.  That means that there are more scientists who agree that humans are causing climate change than there are that agree vitamins are good for you.


As people of faith, we can reclaim our covenant with God and give voice to the land which groans beneath our fossil-fuel driven economy.  We can raise awareness about the facts of climate change.  We can make changes in our own lives which benefit all of creation.  We can transform our churches, homes, and places of work into energy-conscious and energy-efficient buildings.  We can stand up in faith and speak out against corporations and policies that do not have us AND the Earth in their best interests



At the General Synod in 2013, the UCC passed two resolutions directly addressing climate change.


The first resolution encourages churches, conferences, and church members to strive towards churches, buildings, and homes with net-zero energy use.  This resolution understands that although we can only do so much as individuals, we can do a great deal when we join together and encourage all of our networks to reduce their carbon footprint.


Carbon Neutral Churches

The second resolution encourages the United Church of Christ and all its entities to join the growing global movement of divestment from fossil-fuel companies.  This resolution recognizes that we cannot rely on corporations to keep our covenant with God and creation for us.


Fossil Fuel Divestment


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